Membership in ITNS

Become part of the nursing organization dedicated to the professional growth and development of the transplant clinician. ITNS provides its members with a forum of learning opportunities about the latest advances in transplantation and transplant patient care, as well as a place to connect with colleagues through the online community, ITNS Central. Learn more about ITNS member benefits and how they can help you advance in your career.  

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Find the membership category below that best fits your current professional status:  

Active Member  

All RNs MUST join as Active Members. All Active members are entitled to vote, hold office, and serve on committees. 

  • 1-year dues rate: $120 
  • Discounted 3-year dues rate: $330  

Associate Member  

Any non-RN health professional involved in transplantation such as a licensed vocational or licensed practical nurse, physician, physician assistant, social worker, pharmacist, dietician, technician, psychologist, therapist, organ procurement specialist, or a full-time student enrolled in an accredited professional nursing program.  Associate members are not entitled to vote, hold office, or serve on committees. 

  • 1-year dues rate: $70 
  • Discounted 3-year dues rate: $180 

Retired RN Member  

Retired RN members must have been an Active Nurse member for at least 1 year prior to retirement from nursing practice. All Retired members are entitled to vote, hold office, and serve on committees. 

  • 1-year dues rate: $95 

Emerging Countries Member* 

ITNS offers reduced membership rates for emerging countries. View the list of qualifying countries that are eligible for this membership category.  

  • 1-Year dues rate: $65 USD  

If you prefer not to join ITNS online, please contact Member Services at 847.375.6340 to join over the phone. Please note that no portion of ITNS membership dues is refundable. Please contact [email protected] with questions. 

Please contact Member Services at 847.375.6340 or email [email protected] to see if you qualify for this reduced rate.