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 ITNS’ rich and diverse resources address key workplace and clinical issues relevant to professionals at every career stage in transplant medicine. It’s easy to stay informed with ITNS’ convenient webinars, conference session recordings, and other topical resources. In order to purchase a product in the ITNS Education Center, users must have a profile on record.

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CCTC/CCTN Review Course 

The CCTC and CCTN review course, presented by Sandra Cupples, PhD RN FAAN, and Linda Ohler, RN MSN CCTC FAAN FAST, is a comprehensive program for transplant nurses preparing for the CCTC and CCTN examinations. The review course will be offered in 11* modules, which can be purchased individually or as a package. Participants can earn 12.5 CE and CEPTC credits for completing the entire review course. 

*Please note: CCTC/CCTN Review Course: Heart is a two-module course. 


ITNS’ library of webinars and annual meeting sessions provides you with on-the-go education in both audio and synchronized PowerPoint sessions. 

Patient Pamphlets 

ITNS’ library of patient pamphlets provides important information to help patients best learn about their care so they will have the best possible outcome when they leave the hospital. 

Core Curriculum for Transplant Nurses, Second Edition 

Face the complex challenges of transplant nursing with confidence, with the newly expanded and updated Core Curriculum for Transplant Nurses, 2nd Edition. Discover the core knowledge nurses need to provide safe, effective transplant care. Expanded and updated to reflect today’s thinking, this brand-new edition offers crucial, real-life direction on the science and skills required for every kind of solid organ transplant – from initial evaluation to long-term follow-up. 

Introduction to Transplant Nursing Core Competencies 

Introduction to Transplant Nursing Core Competencies is for nurses working in the area of transplantation. Fifteen domains of practice are identified and within each domain, competencies for three primary nursing roles (Transplant Nurse, Transplant Nurse Coordinator, and Advanced Practice Transplant Nurse) are delineated. 

Scope and Standards of Practice: Transplant Nursing, 2nd Edition 

This document addresses the role, scope, and standards of nursing practice for the specialty of transplant nursing. The scope of practice addresses the definition of transplant nursing, its various levels of practice based on educational preparation recognizing its worldwide variations, current clinical practice activities and sites, and current evidence-based practice relevant to transplant nursing. The standards of transplant nursing practice are objective, measurable statements of the responsibilities for which all transplant nurses are accountable. 

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