ITNS Statement on Racial Inequality

The International Transplant Nurses Society (ITNS) strongly stands on the foundation of equality for all. Equality for every human being, regardless of race, economic status, gender, age, creed, or sexual orientation is at the core of who we are.

The recent events surrounding George Floyd’s tragic death has enhanced the spotlight on the issue of racial inequality, specifically with the African American community. As nurses, we believe that the conversation must continue towards concrete action to address racial disparities and to assure that social determinants of health are actively and intentionally addressed within the United States’ healthcare system.

ITNS is committed to scholarship and evidence through research in further examining racial health inequalities in organ transplantation and providing culturally-tailored education that address disparities and barriers.

As the voice for transplant nurses from around the globe, ITNS is committed to diversity and inclusion. We have made concrete efforts to invite members of all backgrounds to engage and lead ITNS, and we will continue to do so. Our nominations process has evolved to welcome individuals with varied and valuable competencies in order to lead ITNS now and to shape our association into what we need it to become. We will continue to enhance and strategize ways to diversify our membership, leadership, and the transplant nursing profession.

Organ donation and transplantation saves lives and gives hope. The work that we do impacts patients, their families and friends, and us, the nurses who are committed to providing the very best care possible. We look forward to participating and listening to ongoing conversations from advocates, organizers, and elected officials on how we can support solutions towards racial equity.


Joyce Trompeta, PhD PNP FAAN

Joe Lindahl, MA CAE
Executive Director