ITNS 2023 Call for Abstracts FAQs

When is the last day to submit an abstract?

The last day to submit an abstract is Friday, March 3, 2023 at 11:59 pm CST.

Do I need to be an ITNS member?

No, though we encourage you to join ITNS to receive the full benefits of conference pricing! Please complete this brief form if you are not a member to create your free account. 

Do I need to create an account to submit an abstract?

Yes, though this is different than becoming a member. Creating an account is free and what is used to complete your abstract.

Do I need to be a transplant nurse?

No! The planning committee wants a well-rounded program including different disciplines and backgrounds.

Can I submit an abstract if I have never presented before?

Yes! We encourage anyone to submit an abstract no matter your presenter experience.

Can my presentation be interactive?

Yes! Please reach out to Anna Lapso, [email protected] for more information on how we can help you.

What topics are the abstract committee looking for?

The planning committee is looking for a well-rounded program. We will accept all topics, but a few topics our committee is particularly interested in is

  • Basic science reviews
  • Lung
  • Liver
  • Transplant at the bedside
  • Improving disparities
  • Patient safety
  • Health literacy
  • Original research
  • Literature reviews/state of the science presentations
  • Program development (education, etc)
  • Evidence-based practice projects
  • Quality and safety projects
  • Public policy initiatives
  • Updates significant changes to transplant systems (e.g. changes to the allocation system)
  • Presentations on biological mechanisms involved in transplantation.
  • Updates on immunosuppressive agents
  • Presentations on novel devices
  • Best practices in patient management
  • Updates in transplant nutrition
  • Update in ethical issues in transplantation

When will I be notified if I will be accepted into the 2023 program?

Notifications will be sent out in spring 2023.

Do I need to be in-person or can I present virtually?

You can present in-person or virtually, but we will seek to balance both options for presentations.

I want to present a case-study, how do I submit that?

Please reach out to Anna Lapso, [email protected] to learn more about our case-study sessions and 1-hour sessions (non-concurrent).

Do I have to attend the conference if accepted? Can a co-author present if the main author isn’t available?

Yes, attendance is required if your abstract is accepted though if the main author is not available the co-author is able to present.

Do speakers receive a discount?

Unfortunately, ITNS cannot currently afford to offer discounts for registration for speakers. Staff and volunteers are working hard to increase membership and sponsorships to change that in the future!

Is there a word/character limit for the abstract?

There are no word/character limits for an abstract.

Is there a fee to submit an abstract?

No! Submitting an abstract is free. Authors and co-authors will need to create a free account if they are not a member of ITNS.

Will the conference be in-person/virtual?

Yes, the conference will be offered in-person and either live-streamed and/or recorded. More information will be available in the next 45 days. 

Do co-authors need to submit a COI form?

Yes, anyone involved with the abstract must submit a disclosure form or else your abstract will not be considered.

If you have any questions, please contact Member Services at 847.375.6340 or email [email protected]