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The ITNS Foundation:
Advancing Transplant Care, One Nurse at a Time

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In every instance, whether at the bedside or behind the desk, transplant nurses are special. Maybe it’s the unique combination of intellect and heart. Or the ability to soothe and strengthen. Perhaps it’s simply the sheer devotion and dedication. These are all attributes that make transplant nurses uniquely qualified to do their jobs so well in hospitals and clinics around the world every day.

Transplant nurses have an awareness for the journey their patients have traveled. And with this awareness comes a respect for the patient and a desire to do more and do better. Fifteen years ago, the pioneers of transplant nursing created the International Transplant Nurses Society to help nurses do just that. Since then, ITNS has been facilitating learning, exploring and sharing for transplant nurses everywhere.

ITNS Today

When ITNS was created in 1992, it was the first professional nursing organization to promote the education and clinical practice excellence of nurses caring for solid organ transplant patients. Today, ITNS is a leading transplant organization with more than 1,700 active members in 26 local chapters representing 29 countries around the world.

As a vital component of countless nursing careers, ITNS provides a forum for learning about the most current advances in transplantation and transplant patient care from pre-transplant through post-transplant in adult as well as pediatric patients. Through seminars, symposiums and workshops, members further their professional development and clinical expertise and directly apply that knowledge to their own patients or research in their own work settings.

Encouraging Excellence: How You Can Help

To facilitate our commitment to excellence in transplant nursing, the ITNS Foundation regularly awards grants and scholarships for leadership and scholarly pursuits. Over the years, recipients have used these funds to study a variety of issues critical to transplant patients and their families including adherence to drug regimens, quality of life issues, adolescent development, increasing donor rates and caregiver burdens.

Additional funds are used to:

  • help qualified members attend the Annual Symposium
  • produce patient education materials
  • create and administer a 3-day transplant nurse mentoring program
  • present the Transplant Nurse Excellence Award

Your gift to the ITNS Foundation will directly support the valuable research and education of ITNS members who are working hard to improve patient care every way they can. ITNS members are those nurses who are always striving to learn more and to do better for their patients. The ITNS Foundation is just one step toward that goal.

Make A Donation

Make a secure online donation to support the ITNS Foundation. For more information on the ITNS Foundation and how you can help advance the field of transplant patient care, please call Member Services at 847.375.6340 or download the Full ITNS Foundation Brochure (PDF) or use the ITNS Foundation Donation form.



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