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Study Group(s) on Selected Topics

Study groups can be considered in terms of the usefulness as a component of the chapter's total program offerings and strategy for establishing a successful educational program. A study group can contribute greatly to the success of a chapter by assisting in:

  • Developing a solid core of enthusiastic ITNS participants
  • Establishing closer relationship between members from different transplant programs or centers
  • Identifying future ITNS leaders
  • Increasing the breadth and depth of the ITNS program

Tips on How to be Successful

  1. Now is the time to start planning a study group for next year by:
    • Sending questionnaire to all members to determine topics preferred for discussion.
    • Choosing members (or guests) to lead groups.
  2. Leadership
    • Pick a Chairperson who will notify members who have expressed an interest.
    • Appoint a Vice-Chairperson to perform duties in Chairperson's absence.
  3. Size of group
    • Does not matter. Successful groups can range from 5 - 20.
    • Need a core group of 3 or 4 interested persons to maintain success. But do not limit your invitations or participation.
  4. Format
    • The Chairperson facilitates study group.
    • Successful groups as usually somewhat structured, but do not have to be.
    • Structure with:
      • Case material as a focus of discussion
      • Guest leaders to stimulate discussion
      • Individual members give presentations for analysis and discussion
  5. Publicity
    • It is important to publicize the study group in such a way that purpose, format, and subject matter are clearly and enthusiastically defined.

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