International Transplant Nurses Society
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Developing Chapter Newsletters

A chapter newsletter for members is an excellent communication tool to keep members abreast of trends and issues affecting the transplant-nursing specialty.


Some additional recommendations for a newsletter are:

1. Keep the format simple.

Use a block style for easy data entry and layout. Most word processing programs are capable of different layouts, type fonts, font sizes, font styles, and special characters. Design on word processors instead of "typesetting with a professional printer" to
minimize expense.

2. The header should always contain the following information:

  • Chapter name
  • ITNS logo
  • Issue volume and date
  • Editorial section with chapter contact information

3. Design a self-mailing newsletter to eliminate the use of envelopes. Leave either 1/2 page or 1/3 page blank. Fold the newsletter to size so that blank area is on outside. On the blank surface, place return address in upper left-hand corner. Rest of free space is for mailing label and stamp. Follow postal regulations for sealing the folded newsletter usually one-sided sticky tab or piece of tape.

4. Contents of the chapter newsletter can include, but are not limited to:

  • President's message
  • Society information
  • Welcome to new members
  • Meeting announcements
  • Other ITNS chapter programs and educational opportunities
  • Articles by guest authors

5. Identify funding and financial support


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