International Transplant Nurses Society
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Chapter Development Tips

Member Recruitment

  • Stress the importance of membership diversity: nurses, coordinators, pharmacists, and social workers
  • Host a new member social event: pizza, dessert, or brunch party
  • Hold a new member recruitment campaign with a prize to the member who recruits the most new members
  • Have a designated board member who is responsible for recruitment activities
  • Invite all non-members to your meetings. This may increase their interest in your chapter
  • Contact the ITNS home office (Member Services at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it ) for recruitment brochures and membership applications
  • Promote ITNS during nurse's week, local health fair days, orientations, conferences and workshops
  • Challenge each member to recruit one new member per year
  • Sponsor a chapter awareness day. Distribute ITNS brochures and wear your ITNS pin!
  • Encourage your board members to be membership ambassadors. Provide them with brochures and membership applications to distribute to non-members
  • Contact local leaders, administrators, and physicians at area hospitals; transplant centers and universities to find out how to spread the word about ITNS
  • Always include an announcement in your chapter newsletter calling for new members, inviting non-members to chapter events, and provide a membership application
  • Make contact with potential members who initially decline membership and ask why

Member Retention

  • Form a new member committee responsible for making new members feel welcome and comfortable
  • Send a survey to members asking them for suggestions and ideas
  • Announce and introduce new members at meetings
  • Get new members involved immediately so that they feel part of the chapter
  • Send new members a welcome letter within 1 month after joining
  • Recognize member milestone anniversaries
  • Notify a member's employer and publish member's name in chapter and international newsletter when he/she is recognized in the chapter via award, grant, or assumes a leadership role
  • Rotate dates, times and location of meetings
  • When retaining a member, try to find out what is important to him/her
  • Include pictures of members in the chapter newsletter
  • Ask all members for their email address. This is an easy, cheap and quick form of communication
  • Make personal phone calls. Try to find out why a member does not renew
  • Conduct a letter writing or phone call campaign for inactive members
  • Offer continuing education credits for educational programs. Contact ITNS Account Administrator Muneeb Jaffry at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .
  • Offer educational grants for your membership

Increasing Member Participation

  • Mail or email reminders to members about upcoming meetings and other chapter events.
  • Try to alternate date, time and location of meetings between transplant centers.
  • Collaborate with other ITNS chapters or other nursing organizations. You will get a stronger turnout and have access to more resources.
  • Personally ask each member to participate in one chapter activity or serve on a chapter committee each year.
  • Provide a chapter newsletter for your membership.
  • Provide chapter goals to your members. Provide contact numbers for specific goals in case the member is interested in getting involved.

Recognizing Members

  • Honor members with chapter awards. Seek to honor those who devote a lot of time and energy to volunteer work
  • Present certificates of recognition to members for chairing or directing projects or contributing in any significant way
  • Remind each member of his/her importance and value to the organization
  • Never underestimate the power of a personal thank you note
  • Recognize members who always contribute to fundraisers and events
  • Send letters to all officers, committee chairs and committee members to thank them for serving as their term ends. If possible, include a few examples of how their efforts benefited the chapter
  • Notify employers and publish member’s name in chapter and international newsletter when a member as done something of value for the chapter, received an award or grant, or assumed a leadership position

Developing Leaders within the Chapter

  • Develop a past president's council and use it as a sounding board for chapter ideas and problems
  • Nominate successful chapter leaders for international office
  • Allow volunteers to work creatively to make their job a success
  • Encourage current leaders to identify members who would make good successors when their term is up
  • Work to transition experienced committee members into leadership positions
  • Encourage officers to attend the Chapter Leader's Meeting at the Annual ITNS Symposium

Officer Transition

  • Hold a mandatory officer transition meeting each year
  • Keep organized detailed binders for each position to pass along to the next person who assumes that role
  • Develop a policy and procedure manual that details specific officer roles and duties as well as other important chapter information
  • Form a past president and/or former officer committee
  • Notify the chapter development chairperson of ITNS with all election results and names of new officers with effective date of change

Chapter Planning

  • Develop an annual program of work with goals and strategies derived from the chapter's strategic plan
  • Set realistic goals for the chapter, start small and work toward larger goals
  • Continually review and revise the chapter’s goals and objectives
  • Schedule important dates for board meetings well in advance so everyone can mark his/her calendars

Develop a Chapter Action Plan

  • What idea do we want to implement?
  • What actions are required to accomplish it?
  • Who are the people who can help us?
  • Which chapter office or committee will be responsible?
  • When do we want to have this accomplished?

Program Planning

  • Invite a distinguished lecturer to speak at a chapter program
  • Make sure chapter programs follow a wide variety of topics
  • Keep programs on time and stick to the agenda
  • Present current interest programs for members
  • Ask your local Pharmaceutical or health care representative to sponsor your programs
  • Participate in planning international meetings. Invite the ITNS Annual Symposium to your city
  • Use chapter members as your speakers
  • Ask local merchants to donate refreshments for your meetings
  • List your chapter activities on the ITNS web site:
  • Develop a chapter speaker's bureau
  • Collaborate with local organizations or another ITNS chapter to pool resources

Increasing Visibility and Communication

  • Develop a chapter web site
  • Create a listserv to send out timely announcements and reminders
  • Develop a chapter newsletter
  • Have an ITNS bulletin board in your nursing unit, transplant center, clinic, etc.
  • Participate in Nurse's week activities and career day events
  • Sponsor community events such as blood pressure screenings

Increasing Chapter Non-Dues Revenue

  • Hold at least one fundraiser per year
  • Thank all volunteers, contributors, vendors and participants
  • Hold a raffle of donated items at the conclusion of each chapter meeting
  • Create chapter sales items using your chapter logo and name. (I.e. T-shirts, mugs, sweatshirts, tote bags, post-it-notes, etc.)
  • Contact the ITNS home office to purchase ITNS logo items to be sold at your chapter meetings
  • Always provide members with various ways they can contribute (i.e. donating auction or raffle items)
  • Identify a local celebrity who can be recruited to help with a function. Not only will you raise funds, but also you might receive media exposure
  • Increase educational grant funds by targeting solicitation of funds from transplant care industries
  • Form and utilize a fundraising committee
  • Raffle off donated centerpieces after meetings and conferences
  • Consider a transplant recipient fashion show, ornament auction, bake sale or wine tasting as possible fundraising events

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