International Transplant Nurses Society
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International Director at Large


Sabine Gryp, MSN RN

Leuven, Belgium

1981-1984       : RN, Leuven                    
1984-1987       : Master in Nursing, University Leuven                
1994-1996       : Infection control nurse, National Society Catholic Nurses and Midwifes, Brussels


Best Abstract Winner  ITNS symposium 2015

Juliette Vanderschuerenprijs 2015, University Hospitals Leuven, Belgium

Clinical Expertise: 

Junior Staff Nurse
Department of Pediactrics
Departement of Thoracal Surgery

1996- august 2000
Expert Staff Nurse Infection Control
September 2000 - May 2002
Headnurse Pneumology
June 2002 – April 2007
Infection Control Nurse University Hospitals Leuven

May 2007 -
Head nurse Department of Cardiology and heart transplantation


  • Tx nurses are highly skilled nurses,  there is a need for “ lifelong learning”

  • Tx nurses need to be able act as educator to and at the same time act as a supporter of the patient

  • Therefore the TX nurse should be able to assess the educational needs of the patient and family, using motivational interview, techniques for behavioral changes to stimulate self-management skills in TX patients

  • Tx nurses are an important member of the multidisciplinary team, they have excellent communication skills

  • Transplant nursing can be so rewarding as you can witness and be a part of  your patient starting his “ second” life”


  • Focus on growth and development of transplant nurses providing standards of care

  • To provide a forum for learning, sharing experiences among Tx nurses

  • Encourage and stimulate further research ( EBM) in transplant nursing

  • Provide an  international network, increase networking among TX nurses international

  • Provide evidence based information for TX nurses on the website, act as a resource group for nurses, allied health professionals and the community

  • Liaise with other national and international organizations involved in organ transplantation

  • Increase International membership


Oral presentations ITNS symposium:

  • Cytomegalovirus. ITNS Symposium St. Louis, USA, September 2008

  •  A Multidisciplinary Structured Education Program For Heart Transplant Recipients. ITNS Symposium Montreal, Canada, September 2009.

  • Isolation Procedures after Organ Transplantation:

  • An International Survey. ITNS Symposium Minneapolis, USA, October 2010.

  • The Bedside RN’s role in Transplant Patient Education and its Impact on Adherence. ITNS Symposium Minneapolis, USA, October 2010.

  • Air conditioning system. Do or don’t? Experiences of the Heart Transplant Program Leuven, Belgium. ITNS Symposium Seattle, USA, October 2012.

  • Evaluation of a hand hygiene campaign to increase the adherence to hand hygiene on heart transplantation ward. Annual Symposium International Transplant Nurses Society, Florence, Italy, April 2013.

  • Improving compliance to hand hygiene among nurses on a heart transplantation ward: strategies for long term change. ITNS Summer Symposium, Chicago, 2015.

  • Improving communication between nurses on a heart transplantation ward: introduction of the ISBAR communication technique. ITNS Symposium, Pittsburgh, 2016.

Poster presentations ITNS symposium:

  • Development of a multidisciplinary isolation policy for heart transplant patients. Minneapolis, USA, October 2010.


  • Development multidisciplinary electronic patient file and multidisciplinary education plan

  • Workshop lean management

  • Introducing air cooling device in a transplant unit

  • Member of the infection control committee University hospitals Leuven, Belgium

  • Reviewer ITNS Heart Transplant Handbook

  • Introduction of structured communication using the ISBARR tool

  • International Director ITNS 2014-2016

  • Co-founder and board member Belgian Transplant Nurses Society ( 2016)

  • Promoting of physical activity after SOT:Co-organizer 4 day course for Belgian Transplant Nurses ( 2017)

    • Co-founder hiking club for patients after SOT

      • Biannual climbing the Mont Ventoux, France

      • Organizer of hiking trip with SOT patients to Santiago de Compostella, Spain , September 2016

  • Oral presentations: Infection prevention after SOT, Vaccination and Prevention of waterborne infections after SOT

  • Invited speaker 2017 on the 14th Congress of the International Society for Organ Donation and Procurement in Geneva, Switzerland, September 2017

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