International Transplant Nurses Society
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Director at Large Candidate



Brittany D. Rhoades, BS MSN CCNS CCTN

Houston, Texas, United States


Ph.D – Nursing    The University of Texas Health Science         2019
*May 2019 Anticipated Graduation    Center at Houston
    Houston, Texas

M.S.N – Clinical Nurse Specialist    The University of Alabama        2012
(Nurse Educator requirements also fulfilled)        at Birmingham
        Birmingham, Alabama

B.S.N. – Nursing        Union University    2006
        Jackson, Tennessee

B.S. – Biology        Ouachita Baptist University    2005
(Chemistry minor)        Arkadelphia, Arkansas


2nd Place Poster Award
Williams, B. and Malveaux, S. (2014, January).  Clinical nurse specialist collaboration to enhance education and mobilization through the continuum of care for a high volume ventricular assist device (VAD) program.  Presented at the 2014 Texas Clinical Nurse Specialist Conference, Austin, Texas. (poster presentation).

Clinical Expertise:

I am a nationally certified Critical Care Clinical Nurse Specialist (CCNS) and Certified Clinical Transplant Nurse currently practicing as an Advanced Practice Nurse (APRN) for the Cardiothoracic Transplant Program at CHI St. Luke’s Health Baylor St. Luke’s Medical Center in Houston, TX.  Prior to working with the Cardiothoracic Transplant Program, I worked as a Clinical Nurse Specialist in a solid organ transplant acute care unit.  As a Transplant CNS I was responsible for the hospital transplant education and new hire orientation for Heart, Lung, Kidney, and Liver Transplantation.

I am currently serving on the ITNS Board of Directors and the President of the Texas Medical Center ITNS Chapter.  I completed her MSN in Nursing Education and Acute Care Clinical Nurses Specialist with emphasis in Ventricular Assist Devices from the University of Alabama at Birmingham (UAB).  My bedside nursing experience includes five years as a RN in the UAB Heart & Lung Transplant ICU.  Additional VAD experience includes FDA approved and investigational and bi-ventricular device therapy, pre and post explant patient care, and patient/family teaching in the hospital and community setting.


Since the beginning of solid organ transplantation, transplant nurses have always been incredibly resourceful, clinically, and technologically ahead of their era.  It is such an incredible honor to be among some of the most amazing healthcare professionals dedicated to advancing the clinical care of transplant patients, promoting organ donation, and embracing emerging technology aimed at ending end-stage organ disease and the shortage of transplantable organs.  

It is my vision that transplant nurses strengthen the global professional community for the purpose of strengthen educational resources, knowledge, and professional support.  Through this global community, transplant nurses can further excel as leaders and increase education and knowledge for multidisciplinary team members working with this specialized population (ex physical therapist, home health providers, operating room nurses, exercise physiologist, etc.).  In addition to supporting the existing transplant nursing community, it is my vision that nurses help support and develop resources for transplant nurses in emerging countries.


It is my vision that ITNS become the global leader in transplant education, nursing research, and evidence based practice.  My goal is to assist ITNS in becoming a community of transplant multidiscipline professionals that all share the common goal in optimizing care of transplant patients and creating solutions to end donor organ scarcity.  It is my vision for ITNS to create an electronic educational platform that could be utilized by transplant centers to train bedside nurses, coordinators, and advanced practice clinicians.  This includes developing and translating education and materials into a variety of languages that is as diverse as the global population of transplant professionals and patients.  In the future ITNS will continue to be the leader in transplant nursing education through continuing education, online resources, professional networking, mentorship, and international conferences.  

    In addition to being the leader in education, it is my vision that ITNS develop the resources necessary to support transplant nurses globally.  This includes strengthening ITNS Chapter resources in the United States and developing various professional membership models for international transplant professionals.


As a Clinical Nurse Specialist education has always been a passion of mine.  I have developed a robust multidisciplinary Ventricular Assist Device (VAD) platform and annual validation for a large VAD center in Houston, TX.  I have also had the opportunity to develop a Transplant Certification pathway curriculum for bedside nurses to achieve the Certified Clinical Transplant Nurse (CCTN).   

I have had the opportunity to professionally present at the ITNS conference for the past four years and the Texas Clinical Nurses the past three years.  Most importantly, I have had the opportunity to mentor nurses and multidisciplinary team members through the abstract submission process.  

Currently, I am a pursing my PhD in Nursing at the University of Texas Health Science Center in Houston, TX.  It is through this advanced education that I plan to be active in qualitative transplant and VAD research.

Accomplishments in Leadership Positions
Through leadership positions with ITNS and other professional organizations I have had the opportunity to question current methods and processes and facilitate a greater utilization of modern technology and resources.  I assisted in revitalizing the TX Clinical Nurse Specialist Organization through social media utilization.      

One of my greatest accomplishments is through my involvement in the National ITNS Board of Directors and the local Texas Medical Center ITNS.  Through my involvement on the ITNS BOD, I have had the opportunity to secure funding for the revision of transplant patient materials.  I have had the opportunity to work with ITNS local chapters in order to increase membership and educational offers. I have also had the opportunity to implement and teach how to utilize new technologies in order to assist local chapters with membership payment, membership retention, and promoting educational offerings.

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