International Transplant Nurses Society
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About International Transplant Nurses Society

The International Transplant Nurses Society was founded in 1992 as a non-profit organization, to promote the education and clinical practice excellence of nurses who are interested in and participate in the care of solid organ transplant patients. Headquartered in Chicago, IL we have grown to become a leading respected transplant organization with active members worldwide.

ITNS is the first professional nursing organization to focus on the professional growth and development of the transplant clinician. ITNS offers nurses a forum for learning about the latest advances in transplantation and transplant patient care. Over the years, ITNS continues to provide nurses -- skilled in transplantation -- with many opportunities to share their expertise with national and international peers, and receive recognition for their knowledge and scholarly pursuits.


Transplant Nurses Day- April 18, 2018

The Transplant Nurses Day Essay Contest will open in December and close on February 28th. The winner will be announced on Transplant Nurses Day which will be held on April 18, 2018.

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 2017 Transplant Nurses Day Winner

Judy Gierlach, RN CCTC





In April 2006, ITNS created Transplant Nurses Day to raise awareness of the unique contributions transplant nurses make in the lives of the people with whom they work, especially their patients. The celebration takes place the third Wednesday in April, this year April 20, and recognizes the skill and commitment of transplant nurses around the world.







Due Wednesday, 28 February 2018 -Download the 2018 Transplant Nurses Day Essay Contest Entry Form

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Download the Transplant Nurses Day logo.

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ITNS Position Statements

A position statement is an explanation, a justification or a recommendation for a course of action that reflects ITNS's stance regarding the concern.

Our Board of DirectorsWEB Board1

Our Board of Directors is committed to the field of transplantation and strives to maintain the mission and integrity of the Society through our activities and educational collaborations and are elected by active voting members via an electronic ballot. The Board follows the by-laws of the organization.
Visit ITNS By-Laws (PDF)
Visit ITNS Board of Directors

Interested in volunteer leadership with ITNS? Visit the Nominations and Elections page to find out how to apply for office!

Our Mission

As the professional community of transplant nurses, ITNS provides relevant evidence based education, research, and advocacy to assure excellence in patient care worldwide.

Our Vision Statement

ITNS is known, understood, and valued everywhere for advancing transplant nursing excellence.

Our Core Beliefs

We believe:
1. Everyone who shares our passion and mission is welcome in our community.
2. Everyone benefits from the practice of the highest levels of safety, ethics, and evidence-based care.
3. We make better decisions when we embrace diversity in all its dimensions.
4. The better we take care of our members, the better they can take care of their patients
5. Members who take advantage of ITNS resources elevate workplace performance.
6. We are reenergized by interacting with colleagues who understand us.
7. ITNS has a responsibility to help members develop their leadership skills.

Strategic Issues We Monitor

1. Education & research
2. Healthcare trends
3. Technology
4. Global economics & geopolitical forces
5. Social &cultural variables
6. Partnerships
7. Financial factors

Strategic Priorities for 2016-2018

1. Educating members and patients
2. Providing outstanding online resources and community
3. Recruiting and engaging international members
4. Assuring organizational vibrancy

Our Goals

  • Provide a network for communication among professional nurses with a focus and commitment to transplantation.
  • Provide a means of continuing education for professional nurses with a focus in transplant nursing.
  • Examine new trends in transplantation affecting patient care and the role of the transplant nurse.
  • Promote and support research in transplant nursing.
  • Distribute the results of scientific investigations among professionals interested in transplantation.
  • Foster an awareness of ongoing ethical considerations in procurement, donation, and recipient awareness.
  • Ensure the accomplishment of the proper and lawful purposes and objectives of the Society.

Our Members

Our membership has a very diverse geographical background, with 77% of members living in the USA, 12% in Canada and 10% living in Europe. 36% percent of our members classify themselves as transplant coordinators, 26% as staff nurses, 13% as clinical nurse specialists, 5% as charge nurses or team leaders and less than 5% are employed by a pharmaceutical company or have an interest in organ procurement. Abdominal transplantation -- including liver, kidney, pancreas and small bowel -- has the highest representation with over 65%. Thoracic transplantation -- including heart and lungs -- represent the remaining 35%. We offer a continuum of care from pre-transplant through post-transplant and offer education modules to those who work in adult transplantation and pediatric transplantation.

The ITNS Foundation

The ITNS FoundationTo facilitate our commitment to excellence in transplant nursing, the ITNS Foundation regularly awards grants and scholarships for leadership and scholarly pursuits. Over the years, recipients have used these funds to study a variety of issues critical to transplant patients and their families including adherence to drug regimens, quality of life issues, adolescent development, increasing donor rates and caregiver burdens. For more information and how you can help or make a donation, visit the ITNS Foundation website.

Our Logo


The original ITNS logo was designed in 1992 and was a tree with each of the nine leaves representing a solid organ that could be transplanted at the time. The spaces on the tree represented transplants to come. ITNS wanted to incorporate the history of the tree into the new logo. In 2013, ITNS unveiled a new logo that carried over the leaf symbolism from the original logo. The new ITNS logo includes a leaf to represent an organ being donated and transplanted. The hands around the leaf represent our members and are sheltering the organ. The color palette specifically includes earth tones to reflect the diversity of membership in the organization across race, gender, nations, and continents. The leaf appears in the green color that represents transplant awareness. The new ITNS logo represents a personal touch in the transplant nurse's mission as the leaf is placed between two hands as if an organ is being shepherded with the utmost care in the transplant process.




Transplant Nurses Day Award

Check out our ideas for celebrating Transplant Nurses Day!

Judy Gierlach, RN CCTC
Clinical Transplant Coordinator
University of Rochester Medical Center
Rochester, NY

Friend of Transplant Nursing Award

The Friend of Transplant Nursing Award recognizes an individual outside the nursing profesion who has supported the efforts of ITNS and made an impact in the field of transplant nursing.

Thomas Starzl, MD PhD
Pittsburgh, PA

Dr. Dominique Martin, MBBS BA(Hons) PhD
Lecturer in Health Ethics
The University of Melbourne
Victoria, Australia

Mary Amanda Dew, PhD
University of Pittsburgh School of Medicine and Medical Center
Pittsburgh, PA

Paolo DeSimoni, MD
Transplant Surgeon
University of Pisa Medical School Hospital
Pisa, Italy 

Transplant Nursing Excellence Award Winners

The Transplant Nursing Excellence Award is offered yearly and presented at the Society's Annual Symposium. For more information about Nursing Awards, visit ITNS Awards

Donna Hathaway, PhD RN FAAN
Distinguished Professor
UTHSC College of Nursing
Memphis, TN

Maria Molina, MSN CRNP
Heart Failure/Transplant Nurse Practitioner
University of Pennsylvania
Philadelphia, PA, USA

Rita Pool, RN
Renal Program
SickKids Transplant & Regenerative Medicine Centre
Toronto, ON

Masina Scavuzzo, RN BSN CCTC
Lung Transplant Coordinator
Barnes-Jewish Hospital
St. Louis, Missouri, USA

Grainne Walsh, BSc (Hons) RN RSCN
Pediatric Nurse Specialist
Eveleina Hospital
London, England

Micaela “Mike” Buecher RN CCTC

Transplant Coordinator

University of Texas Health Science Center

San Antonio, Texas, USA

Shelley Zomak, RN MS, CCTC
Supervisor, Cardiothoracic Transplant
University of Pittsburgh Medical Center
Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania USA

Sandra Martin, MSN
Clinical Nurse Specialist
University Hospital Leuven
Leuven Belgium

Sandra Cupples, RN PhD
Heart Transplant Coordinator
Washington Hospital Center
Washington, DC, USA

Ruth Strickler Tutor, PhD, CCNS
Critical Care and Transplant Advanced Practice Nurse
Methodist LeBonheur Healthcare
Memphis, Tennessee, USA

No award

Tracey Dudley, BSc MSc
Queen Elizabeth Hospital
Birmingham, United Kingdom

Thomas E. Starzl Transplantation Institute
Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, USA

Elizabeth B. Begley, RN BSN CCTC
Emory Health Care
Atlanta, Georgia, USA